The Lunar Apex

[LNR] | PvX | EU | Guild Wars 2

“Water is to fire as moonlight is to the rays of the flaming sun; both Branded and Burned would eventually succumb to her healing glow.”

The Lunar Apex [LNR] is a guild for players who are serious about Guild Wars 2, but are looking for a casual and friendly atmosphere.

[LNR] was founded by a trio of real-life friends, two of whom have been playing games together for nearly 20 years. Our guild’s goal is to bring together teams of players who enjoy the social aspects of Guild Wars 2. We want to be a guild for new and returning players who want to help build a community across various activities and game modes:

About [LNR]

Over the past 20 years, we’ve experienced the Guild Wars franchise as solo players and as members of multiple guilds and gaming groups. In searching for new experiences, we decided it’s finally time to create our own community. We’re excited to build a guild from ground zero and experience all the new friendships and adventures that come along the way.

Why join [LNR]?

We’re old-school gamers in our 40s. There’s a playstyle that naturally accompanies our generation, as well as a social expectation from involvement with online gaming starting in the 90s until now. As such, [LNR] will never be a giant guild—we intend to seat a maximum of 30-ish members. This allows us to maintain a more personal community and a fun, team-oriented experience.

We created this guild for players who don’t want to rush through content, enjoy a variety of in-game activities, and prefer to be addressed by their real name on Discord.

While our primary focus is Guild Wars 2, we also host game nights several times a month for other social, non-MMO games, like Solasta, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Galactic Civilzations 4. Change is healthy!

Playstyle Expectations

[LNR] also understands and respects the individualistic nature of RPGs. How you play is up to you! Never be afraid to learn or to try new content and playstyles.

Tenets of [LNR]

Ludemus bene in compania.

We play well in groups.

[LNR] is a social guild with a social playstyle where people frequently form teams and use voice-chat. Because we want to cultivate a close-knit group of people working together, we have zero-tolerance for nerdrage, racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other anti-people garbage.

tldr: Have fun, be nice, respect everybody.

Felix culpa.

Happy mistake.

Gaming is neither a full-time job nor a lifestyle; it’s a hobby. We’re all here to have fun, and we aim to have a guild where everyone feels welcome to play, socialize, and learn from one another. Still figuring out your build? Not sure about your role? The only way to learn is to try.

Hakuna matata, we've all been there.

Serva me servabo te.

Save me and I'll save you.

If someone needs help, try to help them. Don’t be afraid to ask in /g for help with events, achievements, etc.

Do unto others, etc.

Nihil obstat.

Nothing stands in the way.

Practice makes perfect, don’t let inexperience or social fears keep you from joining whichever activity you’d like to join.

When in doubt, *do*.

Animus risu novatur.

The spirit is refreshed with laughter.

Most importantly, have a good time. Be competitive, but not at the expense of your or someone else’s fun.

Don’t be a dick.

The Lunar Apex

[LNR] | PvX | EU | Guild Wars 2

We don’t have an exhaustive admission process; everyone is welcome to join. [LNR] has a zero-tolerance policy for nerdrage or disrespectful/immature behavior on Discord or guild chat.

We are currently accepting new members.

Join Us

We generally like to have a short chat on Discord prior to admission to the guild. Reach out via our Discord (linked below).
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